BIG WIN! Major Jackpot! Money Link Slot Machine! Bonuses!

BIG WIN! Major Jackpot! Money Link Slot Machine! Bonuses!

Great session of Money Link at the El Cortez casino Las Vegas! Enjoy!!! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Follow me on Twitch: …
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  1. All Casino Action

    This video was filmed before the recent closure of the casinos in Las Vegas! My videos are filmed, edited and uploaded in advance of their release date :)

  2. johnny duong

    You are gorgeous 😍

  3. Scott Mcgillis

    Do you hear the machine saying drinks when in the money link feature? Listen closer during the 3 spins its a subliminal message

  4. TheRiseofTony

    I hate this machine

  5. mattis sté

    always smile :-) :-) kisses and good luck from france

  6. Steve Short

    It’s awesome when you sing along with the bonus.

  7. Samuel Penn

    Great win!🎉🍀😄

  8. Taz

    That was a great comeback. It's probably the first time I've seen this game, looks interesting. I will look for it. Did you hit all the bonus feature or we didn't get the shaking?

  9. Ed S

    Nice comeback Sarah!

  10. manny soler

    jeez thats a lot of money


    You should play the slot machine called : WOLF MOON . This is a excellent game to play .

  12. Luis Garcia

    Love that smile 😍

  13. Savvy

    This game looks scrumptious , I can't wait to play when things settle down.

  14. Renata

    Do you play online? Is there a safe site to play real money online slots

  15. Jeff P

    Congrats on the win, but man those are some low paying line hits on this machine! Glad you came out ahead on this one!

  16. Keith Smith

    Nice win Sarah :)

  17. Dave Bones

    Nice hits. Thanks for filming and sharing.

  18. Sandrine d.

    Bonne chance Sarah

  19. Scott Wakefield

    Come on jackpots for Slot lady ❤️👍

  20. meunier rudy

    bonne chance sarah

  21. DJ Glade

    When is Vegas opening back up?

  22. Nader Malek

    Worst new machine. Low paying. Glad you won.

  23. Baby Mugs

    Yes that was very awesome 👍

  24. Josef

    Nice hit at the end. Id like to see you play the one with the wolf that blows down the houses. Huff and Puff maybe?

  25. Scotty Bee Scrapped!

    my fav smile in the world!!! and great win!

  26. LV Joe

    11:52 you stopped singing that why it didn’t hit another. Da da da da da da da da

  27. Евгений Искаков

    Молодец 👍😍🎰🤩👍🍾

  28. Armin Schräbler

    hi, im from Germany and i wish you big wins

  29. curteyethecat700

    Your hot lady ! Keep making that Money !

  30. Avada Kedavra357

    Nice win thanks for the great content.

  31. steve radi

    Super singing Sarah. When I hear the songs, I know its winning time!

  32. Kali Kugelman

    Awesome win! Sadly I can't go to the Casinos this year on my birthday this month because they are closed by me until further notice. Stay safe out there

  33. spider88able

    good luck

  34. ozden ozden

    Hi Sarah

  35. Scott McCarthy

    Hey Sarah, Your right….that was awesome!!! Thats a really cool slot machine. So we're getting closer to opening up the casinos. I see Phoenix is open their casinos. I think Utah is open. So hopefully Vegas will open by June sometime. Fingers and legs crossed. Hold on to that lucky Million Dollar bill I gave you. :) In the meantime, keep those videos coming. thanks

  36. paul ruiz

    Awesome come back!!

  37. david mccleary

    Great wins turtleneck. Bbrrrr

  38. Gamblin Granny

    Loved playing that game. 🙌

  39. Kayyakit Kit

    Nice win!!👍👍

  40. WishlistRose

    I’m amazed you stuck with this one so long 😉

  41. Donald Standring

    Glad you won! When they re-open, the machines will be ready too pay for you! Good Luck Thank You for the entertainment. Please be safe.

  42. daver8521

    Nice win, Sarah!

  43. Agent Smart

    Love to watch you win and sing! Also Love that beautiful Smile :)

  44. John Battista

    Nice little roller coaster 🎢

  45. Harley Grattan

    Beautiful music

  46. Andrew Felix

    Nice win love those majors

  47. Tom Stylos

    Nice,entertainment..and nice $520.00 win with the major.

  48. Secret Slots MP

    I Love Your Entertainment! I Love this slot machine. Congrats on your winnings and bounces too. 😕😉😎

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