ALL or NOTHING on Goat Getter!! Online Slots Gambling Session

ALL or NOTHING on Goat Getter!! Online Slots Gambling Session

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18+. Gamble Responsibly. T&C’s apply. If gambling has become an issue, please visit GAMSTOP

These videos are my own gambling experiences on the £500 jackpot arcade slots, bingo hall £500 jackpot slots, online casinos, mostly on £2 stake, and bookies fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) on £2 stake, £500 jackpot slot machines. Although I have runs of winning and losing, in the end you will always lose at gambling, so make sure you treat it as entertainment.
My online casino slots are played at various online locations.
My arcade slots are played at various locations (FOBT and AGC), across various betting terminals by different providers, including Light & Wonder and Inspired Gaming.
If you have a problem with gambling, or would just like to know the options for self-exclusion, take a look at this site for arcade, bookies, bingo and land-based casino self-exclusion:
To self-exclude from regulated online casinos, visit
Many banks will also allow you to block gambling transactions. You’ll need to speak to a member of staff at your bank, or search through your banking app for the options and instructions.
Comments: 24
  1. Muttley

    I really l like wild revolver more videos of they please

  2. Matthew Edwards

    That game definitely isn't the GOAT 😂😂

  3. Sean1982

    Tough session, keep them coming though!

  4. The Salvage2000

    u had worse always entertening love it

  5. Idreis Mauloodi

    Your gamblers are ridiculous!!! Greedy and ridiculous

  6. Bees Nees

    One word….. corrupt!!

  7. Shropshire 69

    Greed always gets the better of you ‘ gamble = oh a chance to lose everything

  8. chazzlebazzle

    Sensational is a hint of a superb win 😉

  9. mitsy40 Uk

    That was a harsh session 😕

  10. T J

    These new games are bloody awful. Ive seen so many people play that goat game on max spins, 400x buy or something and get paid nothing. Same with that shinobi game, pure dross.

  11. vasile palanga


  12. James Thornborough

    Uk casinos are terrible hence why so many move to crypto hosts

  13. O'Crumbs

    Goat Getter doesn't seem to bonus much, I've tried a bit and no luck. Good vid tho 👍

  14. Paul

    All machines are computer, coded, programmed ect! Nothing is random they only pay when they take a percentage, your losses will be less on line, all arcade,Bingo, bookies, are borderline closing, they have exploited the poor, pensioners for decades, keep out

  15. Paul Belstone

    Spot on that they ate rigged! I had a lucky win on a website,about a grand I think!Constantly lost for the next 3 or 4 weeks on the same site.Happens on everyone I play on.fishy I feel.

  16. Shaza . com

    Unlucky mate, you was pushing the gambles, which is not always a good thing as ya know, anyway hope you have a good weekend 👍

  17. ssnowdon17

    Its not 50x the win.. the win is 50x your stake plus whatever was on the lines aswell haha

  18. bism763

    Starting to get a little boring same games all the time tbh …prefer bonus hunts and old school games such as worms and luck of the Irish

  19. Gergely Szabadi

    Perfect video to show how rigged those sites are! £1000 for a bonus on £3 stake f…. joke!

  20. Therapy.

    fish frenzy dont pay out anymore

  21. Ross Omara


  22. kkrispy2009 P

    Thanks dazza nice single session on this game . Thanks 4 offering another giveaway

  23. timhanna40


  24. Adam Marsden

    First one here for a change happy days

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