ALIEN! Slot Machine! BOTH BONUSES!!!

ALIEN! Slot Machine! BOTH BONUSES!!!

Alien is a fun old slot machine! With some exciting bonuses! I got both of them this time including the Alien Hunt bonus that has HUGE potential! Enjoy!!!


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Comments: 29
  1. Nobbie Q

    I saw this recently at the Aztec Inn and Casino near the Strat. Enter at your own risk!

  2. Luis Garza


  3. 64 Oz Water Bottle filled with Vanilla Coke

    I was playing 10 bucks a spin on a nickel game. Kept winning a couple hundred every few spins. Finally got to both bonuses, made it to level 4 in the alien one. Only paid 130. The egg bonus gave me only my bet back. Def playing her again, but in my experience it was paying better in regular spins

  4. Mike C

    Ty for the vid Sarah. I haven't seen Alien so I'm really confused at why there is a cat in this game lol

  5. RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)

    You needed more gold buffalo's..🐴
    To kill those aliens.
    The aliens got you. 👽

  6. Connie Velasco

    Creepy game lots of bonus selection. Always fun watching your videos.🍀❤️🤗

  7. Sandra Borg

    A dime is 10¢ , just asking cause I'm Australian

  8. Max Caesar

    So sour you didn't win. Better luck next time!

  9. Larry Beeman

    In space no one can hear you lose

  10. Marty McKay

    Are you winning more $$ when using a higher denomination? Generally speaking

  11. Andy Ross

    Like a Venus fly trap lol….My lad collects Alien film stuff and would love this machine

  12. Jay Paster


  13. Michael Lechner

    That game suck U lant big time.

  14. Rican Bee🐝


  15. cwhite0681

    When was there ever a kitty in the Aliens movie? Lol 😆

  16. Terry Funburg

    That egg looked like a sack of flour to me. Thanks for the video.

  17. Slot Bonus Babe

    New subscriber here! Used to play this all the time many years ago and it used to pay MUCH better! 😊 Now I cannot find it anywhere, so thanks for posting this. I am a brand new slot channel and would appreciate your support! 😄

  18. radj samoedjh

    Lets all together help sarah reach 1 million subs, this girl is posting the most wonderfull videos on youtube, she is the best and a awesome person when it comes to live streaming. I am going to start commenting everywhere : pls subscribe at slotlady, the best slot channel. We all love sarah.

  19. Ltrain

    👽👽👽love this game. Try play it today I'll let know if I win!!! Goodluck next time.

  20. Erichtf

    Played a lot of slots before…more failures than successes. Occasional slots for me now…had better luck with roulette – we have more control (ps…still everything is down to our luck on that day). Maybe some videos of you on roulette? Btw love your videos. Wish your better luck next time…

  21. barry kelly

    – 200 on two bonuses. I'm glad you didn't get more. Good video, good since of humor. So funny.

  22. Claudia theItalianSlotChick

    Good ‘ol classic lol thanks for sharing 😊

  23. TJ Bozwell

    Nobody ever said you were Sigourney Weaver, but you did kick some butt. Thanks.

  24. Maria Perez

    I Love the 🎥 movie a lot,thanks Sarah. At least you did get more out of it,then I did 4 sure. I have all the movies VHS. The sound is great & video is fantastic,just like You! Next time lucky lady Sarah. Best of Luck also.❤😱😎👣🌈

  25. Volcano Blue

    Not a very SUCCULENT bonus either time…😁😀😂🤣😀

  26. Bsg74

    I love sci-fi especially the Alien franchise. Are there more sci-fi themed slot machines out there?

  27. LLamo y Manrique Asociación Jurídica

    -200$ report alien please my baby

  28. Mikey Palacios

    If only it was that easy to kill the Aliens in the movies, lol.

  29. Dustin Dent

    That game is very frustrating. You get a bonus then it gets sour…

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