A Woman's Intuition Always Leads to A MASSIVE JACKPOT!

A Woman's Intuition Always Leads to A MASSIVE JACKPOT!

High Roller’s Gut Feeling Leads to A MASSIVE JACKPOT! Lady Luck HQ is at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in FL. Today we are playing on Eureka Blast High Limit Slot Machine. This machine was LIT today. We won so many bonus games and several jackpots. You will want to grab that popcorn 🍿 & watch this on the big screen 🎥 Beyond Intuition 🤑 How This Player’s Sixth Sense Led to Unbelievable Wins! A Gambler’s Instinct Leads to A MASSIVE JACKPOT!

More about us…. We like to play slot machines at the casino. We love Vegas but also play at local casinos. We play all games such as Dragon Link, Lightning Link, Huff n’ Puff, Wheel of Fortune, Video Poker, reel games, Lock it Link, Top Dollar and many many more. We play High Limit games so you can always find me in the high limit room aka high roller room at the casino. All videos are recorded live then posted to the channel… Live slot play of sorts 😉 This video is recorded VLOG style so you feel like you are actually playing the games with me. You know we love our Vegas Vlogs so make sure to follow us on social media for exciting casino adventures. Trying to plan your next Vegas Vacation check out this casino.

Lovie Dovie has his own channel @DudeLuck23 Give him a follow =)

👀 Want to see more live slot play from lady luck slots on her slot channel — YOU MUST WATCH THIS NEXT!!!! 2 MONSTER JACKPOTS on Piggy Using Freeplay in Vegas 🤯

Don’t play with money you cannot afford to lose. Please gamble responsibly. This is an entertainment channel. Remember that these are games & you don’t always win.

© All uploads are the intellectual property of Lady Luck HQ. You do not have permission to re-use or publish any part of them without my written consent.

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  1. Zo Time

    Give me your reaction…..Ok D(ude) Lucky lol

  2. Lucky Gal Sandee 🎰

    Congrats! So fun watching you two! Can I be you for a day?! LOL Keep on winning! Hope to meet y'all one day!

  3. Ditkazbearz2

    You gotta love the 54k checks lol

  4. Ditkazbearz2

    Went to 12 casinos and didn’t see her 😊

  5. Ditkazbearz2

    Didn’t see this beautiful woman anywhere😊

  6. Ditkazbearz2

    Heading back to Tennessee in 15

  7. Ditkazbearz2

    Played it today with 3000 and won 450k😊

  8. Ditkazbearz2

    This game is amazing depending how much you deposit

  9. Ditkazbearz2

    Fill the whole screen and get the Major like I just did lol😊

  10. Ditkazbearz2

    I went to Vegas and put 2000 in. A Machine I never played and lose 2000

  11. David Nels

    You did an autopay of $2625 at 9:10 but it didn’t get posted to your total. What’s up with that?

  12. HM Lucky Slots

    From $1,700 to $10,000! Not a bad return on investment!

  13. Александр Искандер


  14. Dusty Winn

    U no that's gold nuggets

  15. Matt Coyle

    That was an awesome session Francine…4 bonus rounds in a 13 min upload…a bonus every 3 minutes…and wow a great profit…you did indeed feel it and you were right!!!…happy Monday guys xx

  16. Mick Schumi

    I cant imagine being a professional slot machine button slapper. people actually make money out of this.

  17. fab fab

    Super 👍 😊

  18. Kelly Gunner

    The nuggets look like Caramel Popcorn 🍿!

  19. fastfreddy121

    People are way too soft 😂. Great work. I love your channel!!!

  20. mark cutting

    Such a beautiful human😍

  21. Andres Chavez

    Buko leche en ese fundillo 😂


    Awesome session guys. Congrats. 🥰👍

  23. Yesquire0

    To leave a casino as a winner, first you have to win, then you have to leave.

  24. Donald Garrison

    Close to me in Flordia

  25. Donald Garrison

    Lady LUCK !!!

  26. yvonneost12

    How do you afford to keep doing this ??

  27. John Paul

    Footloose Frannie at it again

  28. Mama Mila

    I really enjoyed your sessions
    Every time you have a video
    To watch, the wierd part is thou its a done deal
    Still im praying for you guys to hit those 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  29. Robert

    Is it easy to become addicted to gambling?

  30. Jonathan Taylor

    Hey how can a poker machine resist your polite manners asking for a major 😊

  31. Mark Jefferiss

    Another great win you guys from UK 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤

  32. florence lacy

    Nice win🎉congratulations LL & dudeluck23 ❤

  33. joyce northwind

    You seem like such a positive person. I love watching your videos. I have trouble with depression and you in particular but both of you can always make me smile. "You dirty dog" is what I say all the time and you're the first I've heard also say it. Good luck gaming. Thank you for the up lift.

  34. michael brown

    so whats going on here? he isnt allowed to play and you do all the gambling? its your money and your rich and he is just your boy toy lol im just trying to understand

  35. Judy Clayton

    Congratulations y'all done good good game😊

  36. Stephanie Inglett

    I don’t understand why folks watch if they don’t like slot machines. It’s gambling. I love it. Congratulations

  37. Paul Last


  38. Phil Hardy

    Great wins LL, well deserved

  39. Ravee Ravi

    Good luck and god bless friends❤😊

  40. Gretchen S

    Girl, you are 🔥🔥!!!

  41. Jerome Castro

    Love you guys ❤ For medical reasons I can’t go to the casino anymore so I appreciate your videos. I really enjoyed the multi denom challenge, hope to see more of those. I feel your pain every time you call the machine a dirty dog. I am however confused when you say “tough crowd” are you referring to the other patrons in the casino? I don’t think you would be referring to the machine because that wouldn’t make any sense. Anyway, keep ‘em coming, I watch every day! Also, do you guys have a merch store?

  42. AGUON

    Great gut feeling without the gas!! Lol!! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

  43. Louis Jr

    Gotta ❤ Love ❤ that the
    Jackpots keep coming! 😮

  44. Kim Ross

    Nice 😊

  45. Bobby S

    Let's get tropical 😆a man of culture.

  46. Lois Mosley

    Hey hey 👋

  47. lsutdw

    Popcorn and dirty Santa had me rolling. 😂😂

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