5 Scatter Bonus!! 💰 or 💩?

5 Scatter Bonus!! 💰 or 💩?

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  2. Habiba Souleymanou

    No way this is a joke 🙄

  3. Lewis Dowsett

    Haha Jesus christ

  4. Jack Wright

    Got 5 scatters on this in the pub and it went for £2…

  5. Chris Hunt

    I had the bonus on Napoleon and gave me absolutely nothing

  6. Mega Streak

    Innov8 the worst thing to happen since Reflex

  7. Steve B


  8. bappybumbam

    Fucking ……wow 😳

  9. Mark Buck

    I got 5 scatteres on fishing frenzy on £2 and it paid £78

  10. Sean1982

    That’s insane! Arnt most $500 machines basically jackpot with 5 scatters?

  11. James Varley

    Ridicules that for 5 scatters should be a jackpot for 5 scatters

  12. phil


  13. @dj x-tec♦️

    5 scatter £2 wins on wheel what a joke thank goodness I do not play 👍👍🏽🍒

  14. Liam Watson

    I played this on a £1 max pub machine last night, got 5 scatters and got a quid…. nearly smashed the machine as it managed to skip 7 gold pot segments when it looked ready to stop and got to the quid 🤬😅

  15. Ali Rrr

    Such a shit game them terminals are total crap rather play the blueprints with the shit rtp

  16. j2kjellyify

    What a crock of 5#ite

  17. Decked Marker712

    Wow that’s bad!!

  18. Luke

    Garbage slot dont see why there's £2 on there you better off getting back to superstar turns 🤣 this slot is horrendous I put £100 in a arcade machine knowing I was going to loose either way but I played this slot and all I got was £3 from it was at 92% as well but hey ho that's gambling 🤣🤣

  19. Luke Perry

    I’d be putting a stool through it 😅😂

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