35 SLOT BONUSES! New Games & Super Buys! Bonus Buy Wednesday!

35 SLOT BONUSES! New Games & Super Buys! Bonus Buy Wednesday!

Todays Bonus Buy Wednesday is with Josh And Scotty, and they have a first look at the new Nolimit City slot Das xBoot as well as other new slots including, Cossacks The Wild Hunt, Rock The Reels Megaways & Big Bad Wolf Megaways.

To enter Bonus Buy Wednesday, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this video with which Bonus Buy you would like to see and hope you get randomly selected on next weeks video!

FREE Das xBoot (Nolimit City) Viewers Slot Battle

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Comments: 39
  1. Fruity Slots

    FREE Das xBoot (Nolimit City) Viewers Slot Battle!! Enter here >>>>> https://bit.ly/3zbT8UX

  2. conor Dyer

    Kong mega please you geordie sauce bottle

  3. arturka 123

    Cabin crashers please Jamie

  4. Dave Ware

    Gates please mate

  5. Mattw259 Games

    How you doing! Hope your lucks in, fruit party please, if not thor megaways, good luck

  6. Conor L

    Bring Jamie back ASAP

  7. Sharon Louise

    Seriously josh !!!

  8. EvilJulesy

    Jesus I hope Captain Killjoy isn't involved this week lol. Cabin Crashers for me please.

  9. Jagger

    We want our Jamie back we want our Jamie back 🎶 hoarder xways or that new das xboot thanks 😊

  10. Fraser Mckinnon

    Elemental please lads !! Hope its a good'un !!

  11. sam scott

    Raptor for all the Gary’s!!!!!!

  12. samantha last

    I broke sabres and swords last week, over £4000 on 50p stake. I was in shock for about an hr after lol

  13. TheChrister1987

    Bonus buy wednesdays is about the viewers, this was not that..

  14. Clayton Roberts

    We need to see the Gary's…Boom pirates or Gems Bonanza. It's what we do we pick games that give us the biggest X 👌

  15. JoJo Star

    Big bad wolf megaways please Scotty. Love these videos

  16. B’lucky car boot channel

    Please bring back Jamie the professional these 2 amateurs are out of their depths here please buy any degenerative game next time please

  17. John Naylor

    Rick and Morty megaways or cabin crashers please bud

  18. Nick Ridley

    Fruit party please mate

  19. Wacky NZ

    Watching Josh is like slots with my mate always so negative. Sad really.

  20. Maria Ryan

    Can i have a game of your choice please Thanks emmarami

  21. Duchess of Dumb Fries

    Punk Rocker please

  22. POVES

    What casino you on??

  23. Ogges_Floor_Sandwich

    Love the vids lads, can i get a bit of multiplier odyssey for the Gary's. Get in there

  24. Scott Elson

    Amazing video as always lads! Just watched Jamie’s win on the new rocket game!! Absolute beast!! Cabin crashers or a game of your choice please my beauty’s!

  25. Stacey Jones

    Love bbw you pick scotty 🤞

  26. mav the viking78

    hello scooty boy can I have some rainbow riches is not then some vikings max max is possible and hopefully u get some good hammers.

  27. jackie q

    the temple of tumble

  28. Jan Rada

    Can you try mt2 or chaos crew or stack em thanks

  29. Joe Wallace

    Top entertainment again lads! Please may I have rocket reels please? If not, something similar of your choice. Also, how fit is my missus btw?

  30. Stacy Dannielle

    Leave BBW to Jamie or Scotty only just started watching as missed on Wednesday and already josh has drifted away from doing viewers requests which is the whole point of bbw and gets us involved 🤦‍♀️

    Fruit party or temple tumble next week Jamie ❤️

  31. hawker tribe

    Can u play rick and morty megaways please scotty hope u get pickle rick its my favourite if you've already played it ur pick of game please good luck 👍

  32. Wardleybeef 09

    Your choice please mate,my luck is terrible,much love 🍊❤️

  33. Aaron Isitt

    Josh need to just get lost. Kong mega please Scotty mate

  34. James White

    Scottys hilarious, that's massiveeeeeeee!! 10x 🤣🤣 love when he gets carried away! Josh let him run free, brings in the viewers hahaa

  35. Tjockisbullen Melina

    Lets see some doa2 please! (Or some 300 shields). Nomatter which way you do your videos they always come out legendary so keep it up!

  36. Dom Tobin

    I'm sticking with moriarty megas it'll come good

  37. Ben Dxb

    Good effort lads, but not the same without Jamie. It’s like watching the office without Rocky Gervais, or collecting 10 spins on power of Thor, just not right 🤣

    Madame meggas please 👌

  38. Out And About NZ

    Next time leave josh out of bbw sincerely everyone

  39. Eddie R

    Love to see Jamie x Josh 😅😅 genie megaways 3rd lamp please 🙏

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