3 JACKPOTS! 9 BONUSES!1 HUGE WIN!🏆Best Bet🏆Lightning Cash⚡️Casino High Limit Slot Machine Big Win!

3 JACKPOTS! 9 BONUSES!1 HUGE WIN!🏆Best Bet🏆Lightning Cash⚡️Casino High Limit Slot Machine Big Win!

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  1. Kevin Rutter

    Bomba you do you bud i've been what i call jump starting the slots for years my wife says it makes no difference but to me i feel like you do that i.m helping

  2. Vera Wroe

    "Just the way I play". That is all that matters. Of course as a You Tube guy you are playing to attract as many people as possible and part of your "shtick" is all the actions you take to try to get a BIG WIN. Love it all so don't change your style unless it helps you play and enjoy the game more.

  3. Billi Bobbi

    And it was long but very interesting to see your method…luckz 2 u Bomba

  4. Louis Edwards


  5. Sabrina Carten

    Session was awesome!!!

  6. Sabrina Carten



    Stopping the reels can and does make a difference. Most of my bonuses came when I short or stopped the reel. The others came when I changed denoms.

  8. Theresa Guzman

    Great fun.. Wonderful session.
    Had a experience a few years back, some random guy told me to quit stopping MY machine. So, I took my ticket out & said.. ok Just give me a hundred dollars…. He looked surprised. 😳 I will play however you want me to play! He got upset & walked away.
    I continued stopping my machine, got several bonuses & walked away a couple thousand ahead.
    😛 ha ha ha
    Moral of the story… You do you! 👍

  9. Ladyg120

    This was a good hot game 🎰🎰🎰🎰

  10. Ladyg120

    I love how you said, I’m going too stop at $1,500.😂😂 The game just keeps reeling you in. This is why I don’t play anymore 😂😂

  11. Ladyg120

    You’ve a smooth calm talking voice . So cool 😎

  12. Cheryl C

    what a run! fun to watch especially the end. but you are as bad as me chasing the jackpot.

  13. Lorraine Sullivan

    Loved watching….Great hits ..Great video…..that's a nice-a session!!!

  14. Vicki Roberts

    Great session!!

  15. Billi Bobbi

    Watta night Bomba that don't happen often glad u gotta magic ride xx

  16. Mary D

    I could hear you so much better. Bomba, good luck from Mississippi.

  17. Average Savage

    Grand can hit on any non-winning spin as well as 15 trophies

  18. T&T lifestyle etc.

    Wow that machine is hot nice run Bomba 🥰

  19. Marina Divuljski

    Well done 👏👏👏

  20. Tony Divens

    👍👍up congratulations!!! Bomba.so fun watching you!!!

  21. Mr Unvaccinated

    That was a good job I prefer the longer sessions than a a short one it's fun watching you deviate between the denom and the bets keep it up my brother 💥🤯💥 BOMBA

  22. kozmcc

    this was epic😍😍😍

  23. Denise McAdams

    Love the long ones

  24. Maria Gonzalez

    It was an awesome content ! Congrats 🍾 you have a great profit ! I really enjoyed the whole video ! Salutes from Illinois

  25. Sharon B

    New subscriber here! That was awesome and that machine was really paying. Glad you were able to walk away with a huge profit! I love to see people winning😊

  26. Miss Bell

    On fire 🔥… nice job.

  27. Marie Bailey

    The Grand can be given randomly. Just awards in the middle of a play.

  28. Beth Alvarez

    And take your card out with the fresh money I love that you’re doing that I do that all the time

  29. Beth Alvarez

    I hear NG

  30. Alondra Decas

    I would enjoy more the 🤑🤑🤑 than the session 🌟🌟🤑🤑👍

  31. Rains World Vegas Slots

    I enjoyyyed this! I love the way you change your bets up and down and yes I enjoy the longer sessions if you stay on a machine ! Gooo Bomba 🥰👍👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  32. Cathy Meeks


  33. Sabrina Carten

    BOMBA!!! Great session!!

  34. Contingency theory

    Wishing you luck Bomba. Nice run

  35. Gia Atta

    Thank you and many Congratulations Bomba!!!

  36. Rua Puia

    Holy shit that was niiiice!! Congrats!!

  37. Mj Elston

    Love this little longer one Bomba slots nice Video thanks!!

  38. Rena alam

    Yes But The Best is yet to Come, one of the best runs I've seen on YouTube pretty much ,Run do it 😜💪🎼🎼💲💓

  39. Terrill Rogers

    Amazing play!

  40. Cruise Girl

    Truly awesome! Started to watch as I was going to bed. Had to restart today when I fell asleep, but I loved it. Machine was broken! Congratulations!

  41. Patient Prepper

    At least you don't rub or tap the screen Bomba. Some people actually think it makes a difference. To each is own I guess.

  42. Bonnie Thibodeaux

    Love watching your videos

  43. Scott Bazley

    Only a full screen of 15 pays the grand 😁👍

  44. Shewolf

    Congratulations 🍾 well deserved 💙💵💵👍🏼🏦🏦😎🍀🍀

  45. Jo Bacchus

    that was the best!

  46. Billie Austin

    Happy to see you winning Bomba 😊 I love how calm you are ❤Much love from the Chi 😍 Do It !!

  47. Early Horizon

    ❤👍👍💯 that machine was out of service

  48. Char Cain

    That was a fun session!! Thanks Bomba!

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