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  2. Matt Orourke

    Curious how the 5k free bet worked for Ceasars

  3. Blazers Goat TEN

    What is available for sports books in Oregon? @oddsjam only DraftKings?

  4. Thomas J Strausser

    So do you hedge the initial bet and hope it loses??? Is that the strategy or am I missing something

  5. duaneludwig16

    What’s ceasars v2 I’m in pa

  6. Jeremy Dean

    The MGM bonus in different states is interesting. I'm limited on MGM in my home state…does anyone know if I would already be limited in another state?

  7. Milan Nikolic

    Can you sign up if you are not US Citizen, and live in Europe?

  8. Siri J

    As someone who can fly from state to state free…..Is wynn the only sportsbook that lets you sign up for multiple books in different states? I'm assuming it could become really profitable if you could just go state to state and open books. I'm up 15k in the last month with no actually betting. Just alot of promos and risk free bets in arizona. Want to take a trip to colorado this week and maybe other states if its worth it. Just got odds jam and its really helped on the draftkings promos. Thanks alot!

  9. Newport100s

    can people do this for me and ill give 20% profits?

  10. Josh Kingsland

    DC also has Gambet which is available city wide and William Hill/CZR available 2 blocks from the Capitals stadium. William Hill/CZR has a physical betting counter in the Caps stadium too.

  11. Uati Maloata

    Alex – Why dont you have Nevada, does it not work there?

  12. Ben Cooper

    Nice video! Were you to break it down into EV per state, with the assumption that you can only do certain books once? Trying to figure out how much money I can make if I physically travel to different states.

  13. Lisa Jones

    If only you had a betting exchange to lay bet like we do in england. You'd make more but we dont get the offers you do

  14. dabone69

    can you do this for Canada?

  15. rob0matic

    wow great video as always tons of information easy to digest!

  16. Isaiah Lehman

    Can you share this google sheet?

  17. Don Gonzalez

    can I use a vpn when I open my account?

  18. Lucas S

    Unless I misinterpreted the "V2" in the spreadsheet, I don't think Caesar's is available in Pennsylvania. I live in PA and when I go to choose my state in the app, after downloading it, Pennsylvania is not an option.

  19. Matthew Pielet

    If risk free bet is $1,000 and you lose, you can convert the $1000 free bet into $562. Wouldn’t this make someone down $438 at that point?

  20. Free Jidion

    im bouta travel the world real quick brb

  21. Tom McPeek

    Appreciated needed this

  22. bailey


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