$1000 Baccarat Session! Hit The Top Dragon BONUS!

$1000 Baccarat Session! Hit The Top Dragon BONUS!

Played Baccarat at the El Cortez in Las Vegas! Enjoy!!!

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Comments: 35
  1. Lito The Great


  2. Nathan Rika

    Hi there! Do you happen to play on tables that no-one else plays on or do you organize a private table with the casino?

  3. JCambel

    $1000 buy in. For me $200 bet if I win I press it so that's $600 win. You decide to quit or press it again.

  4. jamie cedro

    🌈🍀🌈🍀Lady luck has entered the casino – thank you Sarah for the great video!🍀🌈🍀🌈 🇦🇺

  5. Sam Weirich

    This was a great video. There's something relaxing about watching people play baccarat on youtube.

  6. Paul Alfred Pascual

    Player hand good betting strategy

  7. Paul Alfred Pascual

    Dealer hand

  8. Franky Martinez


  9. Jordan Lim

    13:10 17:15 dragon!!


    Theses losses aren’t sustainable but I appreciate the content


    Where’s the baccarat board that has the running count?

  12. ryan deng

    why at 3:18 took your dragon bonus? player 7 points and banker 2 point

  13. #3

    How come there are different dragon and panda systems? Please help.

  14. Robert Braga

    7:27–I think the dealer should have taken your Dragon Bonus bet when the banker and player tied at 6.

  15. Kevin Pietrowski

    Not so good

  16. Ha Tran

    I believe video is prohibit in casino how can you video it


    6:23 banker won by 8 points – she didn't pay.

  18. Jon Hobbs

    No disrespect but here's the correct way to pronounce Baccarat: bah ka rah. :) Love your videos! Thank you!!

  19. wwemario12345

    10:31 – wow what a guess! Well donw

  20. Magic Johnson

    Hi slotlady, i have a question: Do you know if the side bets both hits perfect pairs… Do you get paid for each bets 200x or it's an other way. It seems like nobody knows even the croupier… I saw it two times online, but no one bets it. Ty. take care!

  21. Michael Johnson

    I really like your videos. Can you make MORE Baccarat videos. I’m learning a lot from your videos. You can play $10 tables. I just like watching more baccarat videos.

  22. AG .1

    I don’t know if you can do this on every table
    But I usually always ask for free hands when I start loosing back to back

  23. none None

    You must have a strategy dragon beauty lady

  24. khampasong inthisane

    My strategy is the trend, and I love side bet on the pairing and tie

  25. Anh Dam BL

    Slotlady you are pretty

  26. Debra Riggs

    Sarah you should teach us enough to keep us watching

  27. Kobejoe 👑

    Which one is better blackjack or baccarat?

  28. stebopign

    what is the point of the dragon bonus. waiting for 9 -0 to happen is kinda pointless. just bet all the money on either banker or dealer, i think. atleast if you win you get all.. and not win on the hand and then lose on the bonus.

  29. stebopign

    omggg even bacarat doesnt use the automatic shoeboxxxx!

  30. Gus Alvarez

    Really enjoy the video you just got a new sub! Played baccarat once need I feel like playing it again 🤣

  31. Necaise1980

    well…. I have often seen this game and wondered about it . I can see clearly now …… I will NEVER play this. Absolutely no player skill required at all . Pure luck of the cards. Thanks for the video Slotlady . Keep them coming !!!!

  32. Anthony White

    She missed paying you on one hand you won 7 over 2 that's 2 to 1 on the dragon you won by 5

  33. Kalvin Gunn


  34. Ray Tjandra

    From Indonesia

  35. Ray Tjandra

    Nice sarahh, good luck and here we gooooo

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