10 Bonuses Bonus Hunt and GOING for MAX SPINS!!

10 Bonuses Bonus Hunt and GOING for MAX SPINS!!

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Hey everyone, a bonus hunt today on £2 stake. My plan for today’s slot session was to replay yesterday’s slots which were on £3 stake, this time going for £2 stake. The slot bonuses I collected were Wild Outlaws, Crabbin’ for Cash, Mystery Mission to the Moon, Catch of the Day, Wildhound Derby, Legacy of Dead, Granny Vs Zombies, Deal or No Deal Box Clever, Diamonds of Egypt and Big Spin Frenzy.

I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!

These videos are my own gambling experiences on the £500 jackpot slots, bingo hall £500 jackpot slots, online casinos, mostly on £2 stake, and bookies fixed odds betting terminals on £2 stake, £500 jackpot slot machines. Although I have runs of winning and losing, in the end you will always lose at gambling, so make sure you treat it as entertainment.
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Comments: 27
  1. Darren Patterson

    Why are the comments annoying…?? It is rigged to be honest, all of it is, and you should as a gambler know that

  2. fahad saleem

    Next time must do Siberian storm pleaseeeee

  3. Bandit Time

    Hi Darren, you ought to do a moon special on different stakes to give it a chance as it can be a great slot! 👍

  4. Bandit Time

    Hi Darren, you ought to do a moon special on different stakes to give it a chance as it can be a great slot! 👍

  5. Glen Roberts

    All games are good if theyre paying

  6. Momito :Samuel

    Can you 500 play roulette online please

  7. Antony Jones

    Can you play King Kong cash again please

  8. DreamBIG

    Hi. What's the casino called?

  9. DEEBOfridayz

    Standard gambling week win 2k and lose it within a few days 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Ozkan Sen

    So unlucky on the wild outlaws, I honestly thought you going tget wild revolver during the bonus to make up for the bad bonus. I still think the challenge was exciting better luck next time Darren

  11. arthur

    The casino is gradually taken back the winnings

  12. J M

    Time to retire some of those lower paying bonuses which cost far to much to get

  13. Brian said it so it Must be true

    Good video Darren… You got well and truly SPANKED on the last bonus… WHAT A TOTAL RIP-OFF!

  14. Lewis Dowsett

    Wild outlaws pays under £200 from 30 spins valued at £800 and people say online is better than arcade lol….its just as crap and volatile

  15. Ricky p

    No one is this lucky,we never see money going in. Is it on demo to make people think easy so play,hence the constant jackpots .i think so

  16. Beckham Brazier

    Who remembers when he used to play good games

  17. james kearney

    We all have great days and absolutory awful days. Its called luck and I do not watch if I think it's anything else.

  18. Kieran Hope

    Hi mate could you play rainbow cash pots or Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen tomorrow, also video idea could you pick 10 slots and have 10 stakes on a different wheel and play the stot it lands on then spin for a stake, then remove once landed, ie 20 p – £5

  19. Jeanette Barker

    You are getting large losses as you keep playing games that pay rubbish amounts over and over. It's not rocket science.

  20. Mark Wade

    To the moon is awful

  21. Michael Cameron

    There's never any shame in taking some of the gamble wins if they're really high. Noone would blame you. I'd rather see you win a huge pie gamble to say £700 than try to win 30 free spins. Unlucky in the end.

  22. Sukhdeep Takher

    I got 4 scatters today of fishing frenzy paid 10 quid and then got bonus again on 50p and got 80 quid

  23. Michael Cameron

    Much better than £3. Your money lasts longer and the wins aren't that different really!

  24. Stephen Boyce

    Great video Darren pity about wild outlaws

  25. JIM Gibbins

    Wild outlaw? Ditch it before it breaks you.

  26. Michael Fay

    So… conspiracy theory time….
    Wild outlaws like a lot of these games… pays less when you gamble a free spins wins bonus…
    If if had been a straight cash gamble from like £50 or so… would it have been better?
    I think they might be programmed to do worse… most of the time your arcade videos are similar… when you gamble a cash win… fine… but when you gamble a win that came from the bonus…….

  27. Paulo g

    I can't believe you exchanged 800 for 30 spins on a 90p stake. We all love free spins but wow

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